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I think Auntie for Hire is such a fabulous idea...being a part of a military family and moving every now and then, I so wish I could show up in a new town, contact the local AFH service and truly feel that a loving, reliable and trustworthy babysitter is at my fingertips, just as Laura has been for us in Va Beach. I love walking out the door and I enjoy my outing so much when I know my girls are happy and being cared for by Laura. My husband, daughters and I greatly appreciate her, and we will be so fortunate if we can find another "Auntie for Hire" like Miss Laura at our next duty station!

-- Mrs. H - Virginia

Auntie for Hire is a dream come true for my family.  My husband and I do not have any family in the area and Laura has always been there for us when we needed her services. I completely trust her with my two daughters, partly because her values and morals are the same as ours and partly because she is fantastic with children. She knows just what to do in any circumstance.  She goes out of her way to accommodate my requests (such as preparing meals, driving my children to activities and even folding laundry for me!)  Laura gets down on the girls’ level as soon as she walks in the door and greets them with a hug. I love that!

-- Mrs. A - Virginia

We are so blessed to have YOU in our lives...and I hope you know how much you do and how much it is really appreciated! You are beautiful inside and out!  

-- S.B. - Virginia

Laura,  You are at the top of the short list that I trust to watch my kids...especially my new little guy!  A San Diego chapter of your business would be awesome!!!  There is a big Navy community there, plus people like my brother & sister-in-law who don't have anyone they trust to watch their children. In today’s world, to find a trustworthy person to care for our precious kids, and a Christian one at that, is hard to come by.  Guess we just have to pray for another blessing as you have been for us!

-- Mrs. B.C. – California (formerly Virginia)

I’ve been meaning to say this to you for quite some time.  You really inspire me when I see you around H, B, E and C.   I get caught up in the day to day stuff…you know, the whining, arguing, not obeying, being disrespectful, etc… and I sometimes forget to just enjoy every moment with my kids. Every time you are around, it helps me to refocus on how wonderful a gift they are to me.  I see the small things you do and time you put into doing what seems like little things like making crafts, reading, etc, and it helps me to stay focused.  I just wanted to let you know how you influence me when you are not around. I’m so glad my kids have you in their lives. You are truly part of our family!  

-- Mr. B.F. – North Carolina

Before finding my Auntie for Hire, I had never used a babysitter.  Laura has been helping me for over two years and I just can’t say enough nice things about her.  I trust her implicitly because she does the right thing regardless of who’s watching.  She engages my children and keeps them in line.  I really appreciate her honesty and integrity. 

-- L.B. – Virginia

Thanks so much for the postcard of Z and T at Nauticus.  They really had fun with you.   I appreciate you being available to take care of our kids during the EVMS alumni event.  I would highly recommend you and will keep you in mind for future trips to Hampton Roads. 

-- C.L.  - California

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Auntie for Hire. I have known Laura for one year, during which time she has helped me with my childcare needs for my newborn son, showing extreme dedication and love. Laura has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and flexibility, plus she has always been willing to work around my changing schedule She is not only trustworthy but also very gifted with children. Laura is able to calm my son by rocking and singing to him, and she has been happy to get on the floor and play with him as well. It really does feel like she is an “Auntie” to my son with the love and care she provides. It is not often you will find a caretaker with the flexibility, experience, and zeal for children that Laura brings to the job! 

-- Mrs. E.J. – Virginia

We highly recommend Auntie for Hire.  Laura just loves children and it shows.
She has been such a blessings by taking care of our daughter when we went away on several trips. She adheres to all of our house rules and maintains our child’s schedule. I loved that Laura emailed me a daily journal of my daughters day because it helped me feel as
if I was there with her instead of missing her so. My daughter really enjoyed herself with Laura, whether at home  or on special outings and activities. 

-- Mrs. V.C. – North Carolina

I am grateful for the care Auntie for Hire provided for my children while I was on a recent trip. Everyone was very impressed with Laura’s abilities and sang her praises. She made a very good impression on my family. Laura goes out of her way to accommodate my changing schedule and is a wonderful person! 

-- E.G.P. - Virginia

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