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Auntie for Hire

Q. When I call for AFH support, will I be speaking to someone on another continent?
A. Only if you dial a wrong number!  Your issues will be addressed by AFH owner, Laura Wayland in Virginia Beach VA.

Q. How quickly can I expect to recoup my initial investment?
A. VERY quickly, compared to other "turn-key" businesses.  Depending on your rates and the number of hours you choose to work, it would be reasonable to be making a profit in 30-60 days!

Q. Can my own "on call" nanny business use the Auntie for Hire name?
A.  Auntie for Hire, LLC is open to franchise interests in the future, but currently you will need to operate under your own name for legal reasons.

Q.  Even though I cannot use the business name can I advertise or market any affiliation with Auntie for Hire?
A.  Yes! If you buy TAFHC Comprehensive Package, or add the web page option to your manual purchase, you may state "As seen on / rated on  Auntie for Hire". This also allows you to order marketing tools with the AFH logo and web graphics.

Q.  Everything I've read seems like becoming an "Auntie" may be a great option for me, but I've never nannied before.  Should I still pursue this?
A.  Yes.  I never once considered being a nanny while I was in corporate America, but have fallen in love with my "job".  I encourage all "Aunties" to make sure they are taking the time to educate themselves about childcare, children, and even parenting.    

Q.  How much time will I have to spend growing my nanny business?
A.  The beauty of The Auntie for Hire Concept is that you can create your own schedule of available hours.  You can work part-time, full-time or even seasonally as an on-call nanny.

Q. How is Auntie for Hire different from the other nanny companies I see online?
A. Auntie for Hire, LLC is a departure from the typical agency that hires or places nannies or sitters with families. AFH simply offers an easy, proven, step-by-step blueprint for you to run your own business (like I have since 2007), plus options to help market your service. You work for yourself, so we do NOT collect fees from your clients or a percentage of your income.

Q. Is Auntie for Hire a multi-level marketing business?
A. No. The only "network marketing" involved here will be a network of parents telling their friends how wonderful you are and sending more business your way. Just as I offer a "finder's fee" to anyone who refers a nanny to purchase TAFHC, you may choose to reward your clients with several hours of free service when their praise brings a new family to you. Unlike a MLM, the success of your business does not rely on recruiting anyone and your income is paid directly by your clients, never by Auntie for Hire, LLC.

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