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Auntie for Hire is an “On Call” Nanny Service that focuses on the unique needs of single-income families with one stay-at-home parent. While these families do not need regular Nanny, Au Pair or Day Care support for their children, they do need a reliable, flexible and trustworthy Child Care Provider they can count on outside of the typical “work week”. Whether it’s for a doctor’s appointment, running errands, a little “me time” or a date night with Dad, our on-call “Aunties” offer the peace of mind that only comes with knowing your infants, toddlers and school aged children are receiving the best of care.

Auntie for Hire founder and owner, Laura Wayland has made her unique and extremely popular concept available to other Independent “On-Call” Nannies! Through Laura’s extensive and comprehensive training manual, Independent “On-Call” Nannies will be able to replicate the Auntie for Hire service, standards, freedom and income potential in their own independent businesses. The Auntie for Hire Concept, so appreciated by Hampton Roads families, now becomes a reality for Stay-at-Home-Moms everywhere! Independent “On-Call” Nannies provides a superior child care solution when your needs/desires exceed what the typical teenage sitter can offer. Nannies do not require contracts nor a minimum number of days per week like Day Care centers. Because we care for just one family at a time (YOURS), your children receive our full attention while in the comfort and safety of their own home.

While each Independent “On-Call” Nanny sets her own scheduling boundaries, many are available for overnights, long weekends and vacation coverage as well as more “typical” hours. Because we do not seek “regular, full-time clients”, our dedication to you remains steadfast, regardless of how frequently you use our service. We take pride in building nurturing relationships and becoming an extended part of your family.

Auntie for Hire offers a voluntary background check resource to every nanny on their website search feature. This background check includes Social Security and address verification, a national criminal and child abuse search, DMV records and references. Nannies who provide an approved background check from Auntie for Hire’s approved resource will have this featured on their personal web page.

For Parents (Search For An Auntie): The nannies you see on the Auntie for Hire website offer flexible, as-needed babysitting options with mature, friendly childcare providers, characterized by a high level of integrity and a love for children. We collect NO FEE for connecting you with an Auntie For Hire trained, Independent “On-Call” Nanny in your area. Please note disclaimer on legal page.

For Nannies (or aspiring Nannies): Auntie For Hire offers a proven and instantly profitable business system, providing you with income, time flexibility and pride of business ownership. In addition to offering an affordable and comprehensive operations manual, “The Auntie For Hire Concept” business-in-a-box offers optional, ongoing support features too! While using TAFHC to build your Independent “On-Call” Nanny company does not offer you a “get rich quick” promise, it will allow you to earn a very healthy supplemental income and the opportunity to be a positive influence in the life of many families. While working at the pace you desire, with people who deeply appreciate you, your efforts will help develop the generation who will become the leaders of tomorrow!

What Makes Auntie For Hire Unique?
While our growing database allows parents to search for Auntie For Hire Concept trained nannies in their area, we are not designed to be merely a “childcare referral agency”. Each nanny is an independent business owner/ operator. AFH provides training and support tools for these nannies who are committed to providing care that is customized to meet the needs of many families, versus just one. The nannies have more freedom and flexibility because they are not boxed in by a Monday – Friday, “8 to late” schedule.

The most attractive part of becoming an Independent “On-Call” Nanny, using The Auntie For Hire Concept, is your ability to customize your business in a way that is responsive to the needs of the families you serve, while honoring your personal lifestyle and income preferences.

The Auntie for Hire Concept Manual provides a “paint by numbers” operations system that details EXACTLY how to get up and running profitably and quickly, as well as how to maintain and manage your successful business. TAFHCM features include State-of-the-Art-Marketing tools, online as well as tangible, that are simple to use and range from FREE to as low as 59 cents per contact (this includes printing and US postage)! For more information on the fabulous contact system used by Auntie for Hire, LLC, go to the Resources tab or click here.

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